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Doug Perry, Hanshi

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Hazushi-Waza #32 thru #64

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Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai:
Purpose and mission of the Shurite Bujutsu-Kai is to provide continuing education opportunities, programs and media for serious martial artist. We assist students, instructors and school-heads to develop and refine the skills, techniques and theories of combative science and motion within traditional martial arts training. We offers seminars, workshops, study groups and training media; please see the Shurite Bujutsu-Kai website for more information.

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Troy J. Price, Director Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai
Phone # 919-360-7224

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Fort Mill, SC 29708 offers martial arts training products for the serious martial artist and is the official web-store for the Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai.
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